2022 USPSA Racegun Nationals


The 2022 USPSA Racegun Nationals

United States Practical Shooting is derived from combat pistol shooting, with divisions to cover everything from concealed carry, to handguns pushing the limits of new technology. At the peak of racing performance are the Open and Limited divisions and this year those two are paired together at the Racegun Nationals. Plus, The Wild West is well represented in Indiana by the Westside Renegades. Then, John’s getting suppressor heat out of his sight picture in precision rifle. And Jerry cuts loose in a classic impossible shot.


2022 USPSA Racegun Nationals
41-12-1USPSA Practical Pistol Competition was born from combat training and over the years has evolved to become a fun and approachable way to get started in the shooting sports. One key to the success of the organization is creating divisions for the equipment as technology moves the shooting world forward. At the peak of racing performance are the Open and Limited Divisions. and this year those two are paired together at the Racegun Nationals. The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Talladega Marksmanship Park is the destination for all shooting competition, and the action shooting bays will be occupied by the best in the country from two of the fastest divisions of USPSA Competition.

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History’s Guns - Jaeger Rifle

41-12-4There aren’t many things more symbolic of our nation’s great heritage than the early American long-rifles of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. But like the pioneers who created them, the long-rifle’s roots come from Old-World Europe. One traditional German hunting rifle bore the strongest family resemblance of all. The Jaeger Rifle is now one of History’s Guns. 



Cowboy Action Club Profile - Westside Renegades

41-12-2There are many benefits to participating in the shooting sports, from stress relief to the sharpening of the perishable marksmanship skills. No matter what discipline you choose, an organized competition will fill that bill. Those same benefits extend those who are dealing with disabilities, as long as they have the confidence and access to participate. That’s where the Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit comes in, bringing participants in for training and fellowship on the range.

The weekend event is held on the Sig Sauer Academy training ranges in Epping, New Hampshire and brings in Adaptive Shooters from across New England.

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The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Cover

41-12-6Why is a suppressor cover is important? Well, first and foremost, it protects the finish of your can. And if that's important to you, this is the best way to achieve that. But more importantly, a suppressor cover protects you from heat and that heat builds in the suppressor quickly, especially if you're shooting your suppressor in competition. I slipped the cover off of the can to demonstrate a typical PRC course of fire is ten rounds, and many will complete these courses of fire in less than 60 seconds. Ten rounds of 6.5 Creedmoor in a minute or less will generate a significant temperature shift. And that temperature will cause a mirage effect with heat waves that can do obscure the view through your optic.

41-12-7But with the suppressor cover in place the heat is contained out of your sight picture. That is the benefit for the precision rifle shooter. Now, consider the carbine shooter and an operator who might have experienced a volume of fire. He has to transition to his pistol. Letting that rifle hang on the sling means that hot suppressor is going to burn right through his pants. Not a problem with a suppressor cover. 

The Armageddon gear suppressor covers are made to each suppressor manufacturer's exterior dimensions. You can find that at the AG website. Prices start about 80 bucks.

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Impossible Shot - Jerry Miculek Speed Shotgun


Jerry Miculek is about to attempt the fastest shotgun shooting you, me, and likely anyone has ever seen. This is a Classic Impossible Shot, with more shotgun rounds going downrange than anywhere before.








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