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Production & PCC Nationals

Of all the divisions of USPSA competition, two of the most popular are also two of the newest, production and PCC, that’s Pistol Caliber Carbine. The two divisions are paired together for the final National Championships of the year at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. Plus, the big business of making and restoring big cannons at Trail Rock Ordnance in Tennessee. Then, Colt hosts a demo at Gunsite to reveal and test their new products for 2023. 


USPSA Production Nationals

41-14-1Of all the divisions of USPSA competition, two of the most popular are also two of the newest, Production and PCC, that’s pistol caliber carbine, these two are paired together for the final National of the year at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. It is an unusual pairing, rifle, and production pistol side-by-side on the USPSA Nationals’ stages of fire. 

One of the key challenges for the National’s staff is how to create courses of fire that are balanced for Production shooters, with Iron Sights and 10 round magazines, and Pistol Caliber Carbine shooters with their optics and virtually unlimited round count. It’s an creative challenge often overlooked, but vitally important to putting on a successful National Championships Match. 

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Trail Rock Ordnance

41-14-8Not long ago we took you to the Gallant Pelham Artillery Shoot in Tennessee, and some of the guns on the line were brand new, with some firing their first shots. So, that raises the question where does a new cannon come from? 

Trail Rock Ordnance is just outside Knoxville, Tennessee, and Steve Cameron is the owner who can supply anything. The gun carriage, limbers, caissons. They do all the implements, the shooting accouterments that accompany the gun tubes. They make basically all of it and their products are in demand for shooters, reenactors, and displays at memorials and national parks.

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Prairie Fire Rank Championship

41-14-5When it comes to the shooting sports, how do you capture attention? Well putting up a big cash prize is one way to do it. And that’s exactly what the Prairie Fire Rank Championship is doing, six figures in cash plus a community event that brings people together, all with the common interest in shooting. 250 skilled competitors are on the range, ready to stake their claim on a prize purse totaling one hundred thousand dollars, but it’s not just Pro Shooters, this match is for everyone. 

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Colt Media Day

The gun manufacturers have long asked how do you get eyes on your newest products? Well, Colt has a strategy that works. And once again the historic Gunsite training ranges are the place for the media to see their newest offerings for 2023.

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Colt and CZ New Products from Media Day at Gunsite

41-14-12ColtAnacondaThe 4 Inch Anaconda

The newest member of the snake gun family, the big bore, the anaconda, the forty four magnum. This one they are calling the four inch, the right size for personal defense.

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Colt King Cobra in 22 rimfire10 Shot 








Dan Wesson DWX Double Stack 







CZ TS 2 Orange Custom Shop Racegun





41-14-14ColtM5The Colt CM 556 M5 

This is Colts evolution of the classic M4 and some of the innovations you can see, like the fully ambidextrous controls. These are not add-ons, these are engineered into the lower receiver.

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Trail Rock Ordnance CS-24 Mortar

41-14-9They are 30 percent scale replicas of a CS-24 Mortar. And are functional,bored and chambered to shoot golf balls. 200 grains of triple F black powder will send a golf ball as far as 200 yards. The steel unit is 200 bucks. Or there is a bronze option, in US pattern, that adds to the visual appeal. $350. 

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Speed Tac Bolt Carrier

41-14-10The problem is loading a full AR magazine under a closed bolt. The solution is to relieve the underside of the bolt carrier. That is exactly what Speed Tac has done with their patented design, to ensure that you can load a fully stacked mag on a closed bolt with confidence. It’s cheap insurance. The Speed Tac Bolt Carrier is available through the Gunsite pro-shop for 130 bucks.

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