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October 6th

The 2021 Bianchi Cup
The Bianchi Cup is back again at the Green Valley Range outside Columbia, Missouri. Last year the virus eliminated the championship of NRA Action Pistol competition. This year the four stages of fire are back, but without the international competitors who traditionally come to contend for the cup. Plus, competition with collectable rifles at the CMP Historic Service Rifle match. The firing line is a line-up of the most prominent firearms of the 20th Century. James Jean has another Impossible Shot with his bow. And a Pro Tip from Colt on moving and shooting with your carry gun.
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October 13th

USPSA Two Gun Championship
It’s the newest competition sanctioned by the United States Practical Shooting Assn., run and gun challenges for Pistol Caliber Carbine and Handgun, on the same stages of fire. Plus, The Steyer Aug is now one of History’s Guns. Then, the extraordinary story of the angry Confederate Sniper who sought revenge for the killing of his sons with the heavy barrel percussion rifle he left behind. The records show he was a man of dubious character before he turned his rage to killing bluecoats on riverboats passing his hide along the Tennessee river. And Julie Golob has a new Pro Tip on how to practice when ammo is in short supply.
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October 20th

CMP Talladega 600
Competition is back and so are the shooters for the Talladega 600. For the Civilian Marksmanship Program, it’s a Mini-Nationals named the Southern Classic. Then Adaptive Shooters gather to learn and shoot IDPA challenges at Trevor Baucom’s Adaptive Summit. Plus, The rarest of English sporting guns from the Doctor who loves shooting flint. Dr. Lewis Drake assembles a million dollar collection of rare guns for us, including one with an action you’ve likely never seen Then John’s got the newest reloading press from Hornady and Julie’s answering the question -  how to shoot faster.
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October 27th

Zombies In The Heartland
Hornady’s annual Three Gun Match in Nebraska has become a Zombie killing tradition, long after the TV Zombie craze has worn off. It is a match focused on fun far more than winning, with the creative stages of fire attracting hundreds of shooters of all skill levels for a fine time in a weekend of neutralizing the undead. Plus, the 2,000 members of the top teams in the USA High School Clay Target League meet on the Trap ranges in Michigan to shoot for the national titles, with each team officially representing their local High School. It’s the championship of the best teams from 1,300 High Schools in 32 states. Then, John has your first look at new products for 2021 that were to be seen at the NRA Annual Meeting. And Julie Golob has a Pro Tip on how the target presentation will determine your speed in competition.
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November 3rd

Koenig Precision Rifle Challenge
For Deer Week, the challenge is for western hunters shooting long-range steel animal targets in the high country of Utah. The best of Precision Rifle Shooters show up to take on Doug Koenig’s rifle challenge. Plus the rifle for hunters in the 19th century, sending half-inch lead to take down dangerous game. The .500 Black Powder Express is now one of History’s Guns. Then the number one question in the 21st century -  “Where’s the Ammo?” We’re inside Hornady Manufacturing to get the answer. And Smith & Wesson is planning to get you ready for your first Practical Shooting Match.
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November 10th

The USPSA Lo-Cap Nationals
There are nine divisions of competition in the USPSA and of those nine, four are considered low capacity. 10 rounds or less per magazine or reloader. The production division limited 10 single stack and the revolvers. The competitors are in Talladega, Alabama to compete for the national titles. Plus, the M240 throws a lot of lead downrange as one of History’s Guns. Then a profile of the retired Sergeant Major who continues to work training elite forces with the knowledge of battles he’s experienced. And the newest S&W Shield, the Plus that combines the best features of the previous generations with high capacity.
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November 17th

End of Trail at 40 Years
It is officially the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, but Covid made End of Trail homeless, until an Indiana club offered to host the first World Championship East of the Mississippi. It turned out to be a huge success, offering access to shooters who never would have made the trip to New Mexico. Plus, Trevor Baucom’s Adaptive Shooter Summit brings disabled vets into the shooting sports, with the support of the firearms industry. Julie Golob has a home range practice drill to get ready to shoot the Barricades at Bianchi. And James Jean is spinning himself silly, creating a clay-breaking Impossible Shot.

November 24th

The Florida State IDPA Championship
Florida is open and so is International Defensive Pistol Association competition at the Florida State Championships. Nearly 300 competitors show up at the Universal Shooting Academy ranges to shoot real-world challenges and contend for the state titles. Plus the story of the AK that is one of History’s Guns and is the most widely used assault rifle chosen by America’s Enemies. Then Colt announces the newest snake gun. The big one is back, the Anaconda. And James Jean has something totally impossible to show us, that’s not impossible for him.
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December 1st

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge
What happens if you compress the range, the targets and the propellant for a precision rifle match? The answers are provided by Utah Airguns holding the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. 100 yards of tiny targets for the best rifle shooters to attack with air power. Plus, the celebrity Sporting Clays charity event raising a quarter million dollars to benefit Special Forces personnel and their families. And the story of the Grease Gun, the inexpensive replacement for the Thompson that is now one of History’s Guns.

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