Awarded “Best Outdoor Program” by the NSSF



Anchored by Jim Scoutten, America’s
Most Watched Firearms Reporter,
and featuring
John Scoutten.

jimtanHe’s been on the beat for 25 years, reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the Firearms Industry. No other media reaches more firearms fans and consumers.  The totals – 300 Million Viewer Impressions from 3,500 Shows broadcast on Four National Networks.

Shooting USA delivers what the gun sports and shooting audience wants:

  • Exclusive TV coverage of National Championships.
  • Shooting USA ProfilesThe personalities of the Shooting Sports and the Firearms Industry. 
  • Insider Reports - The companies advancing Firearms Development with field testing of new performance claims.
  • Made Right in the USA Reporting the stories of American Manufacturers. 
  • LE and Military Reports - The arms and training for the Men and Women in uniform.
  • History’s GunsWith Garry James on the great guns of the past.
  • Sighting InThe newest products demonstrated and explained.
  • Pro TipsLessons from the Professional to improve your shooting scores.

The Shooting USA Hour appears 156 times each year on the largest Outdoor Programing Category Network – Outdoor Channel.

Annual Viewership exceeds 15-Million Impressions.  No other advertising medium offers that reach to Firearms Manufacturers. 



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